Wallie (formerly known as Rewards Wallet) is a fintech for hyperlocal deals. Wallie allows merchants to offer personalized deals to users based on their shopping patterns to drive higher foot traffic and sales. Wallie also smart suggests users which credit cards to use for any transaction in order to maximize their rewards points. The best […]


VocaBot is a goal-based vocabulary learning app with a minimalistic card-based UI. I led the product development for this project with three other people on the team. Vocabulary learning apps is a crowded category and there are several strong contenders. So what exactly differentiates VocaBot from the rest of the apps? First, based on our market […]

UB Talker

UB Talker is an augmentative text to speech device for users with very limited speech and motor skills. UB Talker can be used with a variety of augmentative switches and clickers available off the shelf. These people face tremendous challenges to communicate with others since their options are very limited. Most of them resort to […]


‘#mewant’ is a web platform for discovery of products in any domain along with short form news and reviews. It generates a personalized list of upcoming and existing products based on your interests and past “liked” history. I led the technical design and implementation of the project and partnered on UI/UX with the co-lead. We […]